You might probably need a great tutorial to help you knit or measure yourself for fitting garments. When you search through the web,these free knitting pattern sites can lead you to other search engines and you may end up not getting the exact information you are looking for. The pages can at times get so disorganized that you will click one page after another without finding any patterns you need.

The following is a list of sources, publications and knitting machines to give you the guidelines on how to stay creative in your knitting

Online Sources


This is an online knitting magazine where you can search or specific patterns and find tips, articles and links to other useful websites.

AllFree Knitting

In this site, you can get a lot to choose from. The information is also arranged in a convenient manner for you to easily browse and find whatever you want. You only need to have an email address and sign up although this is not always necessary for you to get the required patterns.

Drops Design

This features patterns which have been achieved from drops catalogues. It has great browsing and search features which makes it easy for users to sort and find any information they want. The site also offers tips and discussions about different products.

knitting machines



This is a bilingual knitting magazine originating from japan. The magazine is published online and is also available in print form. The printed form only comes a few times in a year

Pompom Quarterly

It is a collectable publication for smart and creative people who have passion in knitting. It also has great photography and the writing is both creative and interesting.

Knitting Machines

Readaeer Long Set

This is among the latest and greatest knitting machines that can surprise you on the number of items it can make. It has four room rings, 2 inches wide each. The knitting machine will give you the flexibility to shawls, scarves, socks and many more.

  • It is made from abs plastic
  • It comes with a tutorial

Boye Sock Knit

You can accommodate feet from the largest to the tiniest socks with Boye Sock Knit

The knitting machine has a 60 pin adjustable unit and is also inclusive of a hook and needle. You will also get instructions for seven different sizes. It has a fine gauge that will enable you use almost any type of sock yarn you want

  • The machine can also be used to make doll clothes
  • It has long lasting metal pegs
  • Can be a little tricky for beginners to use

Addi-Express Professional

This knitting machine is so simple to operate that you will be able to make scarves afghan panels and ponchos with only the turn of a crank. It produces circular items which range from 4 to 6 inches wide and flat fabrics which range from 6-8 inches wide.

  • It can work with many yarn thicknesses
  • Occasional drop stitch issues
  • Includes replacement needles

How To Use Knitting Machine

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